Top 2 cleaning time-wasters and how to eliminate them?

If I ask you to tell me frankly, why you don’t like cleaning, why you consider it as a boring and annoying duty, I am sure that most of you will say that it is because of the time you have to spend performing any kind of clean-up, because of that time you would spend jogging or walking in the park, having lunch in the downtown or shopping. And the fact that you have to choose cleaning instead of any other activity that brings you pleasure and pure bliss makes you hate it more and more with the time, with every Saturday afternoon not well spent. However, the truth is that the whole cleaning process is so time-wasting, because of you. Yeah, face it. There are several scenarios and we have to admit that it is your fault in all of them. Firstly, perhaps you are a procrastinator, you always put off the dusting until there is so much dust in every surface that you have forgotten how it originally looked like. You procrastinate and then the condition gets worse and worse and by the time you start cleaning, it is a real nightmare. Another scenario includes your absent-mindedness. You start cleaning every weekend and then you stop for a coffee at 10am and a friend of yours calls you and invites for lunch a little bit later, so you cannot decline. Then just when you have come back, your favorite series start and you have to watch them for sure, so at the end your house is just as dirty as it was in the beginning. The worst scenario, however, is that, when you are performing everything correctly and strictly, but you just have cleaning techniques, which are time-wasters and no matter how hard you try, you need ages to make that place look nice.

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Common-Sense Grout Sealing Tips

Grout sealant helps grout last by keeping it dry and clean, forming a barrier between the grout and exposure to air, moisture and grime. New grout should be sealed right after it dries, or as soon as possible after that, and old grout should be resealed periodically. Grout can be sealed professionally, but with a few basic grout sealing tips, the job is an easy one to do on your own. Always choose the right kind of sealant for the type of tile and grout used.

Why Use Grout Sealant?

Grout is a porous substance, and as a result it often absorbs particles from the air around it. All sorts of things can seep into the grout and stain it, and too much moisture can create the perfect breeding environment for mold or mildew in the tiny pores of grout. If the mold or mildew is allowed to grow, it can grow under the tiles and cause serious damage to the tiles or the floorboards beneath them. Grout sealant is important because it protects the grout, tiles and underlying materials from being damaged in the first place, so the grout between your tiles should be re-sealed periodically. Continue reading “Common-Sense Grout Sealing Tips”

The Grout Cleaning Power of Hydrogen Peroxide

Many people choose to clean grout by using expensive solutions and products designed specifically for grout cleaning. However, they are forgetting about a powerful and inexpensive tool they probably already have under their bathroom sink: hydrogen peroxide. With a bit of elbow grease, hydrogen peroxide can be used to get almost any stain out of grout.

What is Hydrogen Peroxide?

Hydrogen peroxide is the full name for the chemical compound H2O2. It is an incredibly powerful oxidizing agent and is used as a disinfectant, antiseptic and oxidizer. Using hydrogen peroxide for grout cleaning is also a fairly common practice. Hydrogen peroxide is a great cleanser, because it is powerful without being dangerous. As long as the levels of hydrogen peroxide in the air or water are relatively low, the compound poses almost no danger to humans, as it is quite easily broken down by the body. It is even used as a topical antiseptic and oral rinse in low concentrations. Continue reading “The Grout Cleaning Power of Hydrogen Peroxide”

Making Grout Dazzle with Finazzle Grout Cleaner

There are a number of Finazzle Grout Cleaner products available, each one with its own intended purpose and particular instructions. The directions for use are fairly simple to follow, and most people find that Finazzle works incredibly well, making the grout in any room in their home look pristine, clean and new.

Purchasing Finazzle

Finazzle Grout Cleaner is not available in most of the big online retailers, but that doesn’t mean it is hard to find. It is sold at a variety of stores, such as Ace, True Value and Do-It-Best hardware retailers, but the products are also sold on the Finazzle website online. The Finazzle family of products is typically sold in three different sizes. Customers can purchase a single bottle, a four pack, or a twenty-four pack, with the larger pack being significantly cheaper than the smaller ones due to a volume discount. Continue reading “Making Grout Dazzle with Finazzle Grout Cleaner”